Wednesday , August 4 2021

Mudenda – The Zimbabwe Mail

Jacob Mudenda

HARARE – Chair of the Parliament Portfolio Committee has been challenged to be a pioneer of innovation in policy development and problem analysis as part of their supervisory role and therefore they must provide time-bound and results-oriented recommendations for ease of reference and tracking.

Following the making of the ninth Institutional Strategic Plan for Parliament, the Parliamentary Committee has been reminded of their right to prosecute government institutions guilty of insulting Parliament as stipulated in the Constitution and the rules and orders that stand, if they fail to implement committee recommendations.

This was said by the Chairman of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda during an induction workshop for the chairman of the committee in Bulawayo.

He said the committee must reflect a positive image of parliament given that the institution was seen with respect and high respect by all sectors of society for occupying the coveted space as the arm of the two countries.

He added that Parliament is a sacred institution that collectively brings the hopes, aspirations and dreams of a prosperous nation.

"Let us support and celebrate the principles of good governance which include, among other things, multi-party democratic architecture that must be a hallmark of the texture of our committee system. Thus I would like to call for peaceful coexistence and symbiotic relations within and between elected committees and among its members from various political parties in the committee. After being elected and appointed to the office, members stopped representing their party on the committee and had to fight for consensus during their committee discussions, "Advocate Mudenda said.

He invites selected committees to play a central role in promoting and enhancing the national development agenda as articulated in the Constitution which obliges states to take steps to realize balanced development of our various fields and especially the right balance in rural and urban development.

The Chair of the National Assembly added that the state and all government agencies and agencies at every level must respect the people of Zimbabwe who are authorized to govern. – ZBC

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