Monday , November 18 2019
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Recession and QE facing Brexit Care and Trade Talk Hopes


Crude Oil Forecast – crude oil can be prolonged, but watch out for trade Headlines

Oil prices remain supported by the reduction of supply and trade deal hopes even economic data have been disappointing. This support may weaken slightly this week

British Pound Forecast – GBP / USD Price Looming Bull Trend Ahead Brexit term

British pound may face a front bear fate Brexit period in April, GBP / USD exchange rate It jeopardizes the upward trend since the end of last year

US dollar forecast – US dollar may rise as sentiment succumb strong headwind

US dollar may rise, spurned on by shelters looking for capital flows as risk appetite finally succumbs to a wide range of strong headwind.

Gold Forecast – Gold Price Forecast Bearish USD in May Climb on Soft Econ data, RBA

The price of gold may be weighed down when the US dollar rises on risk aversion of soft economic data. Other hazards for the precious metal include more dovish RBA and updates Brexit

EForecast quities – Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX 30 and the ASX 200 Fundamental Forecast

Dow Jones will look to kill the economic data from the United States while the FTSE and DAX Brexit await clarification. Elsewhere, ASX 200 awaits rate decision from the RBA.

Weekly fundamental outlook: Recession and Brexit Care faced QE and Trade Talk Hopes

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