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Remake of The Lion King "Live Action" Trailer is Online A Little Confused

Even within the current range of Disney's live remakes, Simba move high emotion.

Hollywood remake was beloved classics with new digital gadgets for several years, polishing up the Grinch with CGI sheen and turning the jungle Mowgli in pixel woods. But only a quarter of a century after The Lion King sang his way into the hearts of several generations, the latest shots of blue screen to return to Pride Rock to leave some viewers a little shocked.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Disney released the first trailer of the next year Lion King Remake – which trades in 1994, the original 2-D animation to CGI recovery – and after more than 224 million views within the first day, the debate was provoked: Since this is a movie "live action", when everything on the screen looks depicted pixel ?

Some viewers tweeted their confusion in the trailer – perhaps waiting for the so-called live-action remake of «The Lion King», to be more in the vein of the costumes in the smash Broadway musical in Julie Taymor.

A high degree of similarity cinematic prompted some users to post shot after shot comparison of the original and rework.

And if Aquaman director James Wan twitter their appreciation of the trailer, its use of "live action" stimulated further opinions about what had just called my last restoration iconic Disney property, with its gilded collection.

Against this background, it seems, there is a public need to put the name of the pioneer of hybrids in the film industry. And the conversation will eventually turn to the awards: the jury will classify the film as a creative animal The Lion KingWhich will be released in July?

A related discussion arose when avatar was released, with visual effects company in 2009 in honor of the epic James Cameron, among other trophies, "an animated character in a live-action feature motion pictures." As the Oscar-nominated writer-director Dean DeBlois (mule. How to Train Your Dragon) The Washington Post said at the time: "avatar bridging the gap so much between what was a live-action and animation that have traditionally done. "He added:" There's nothing that you can not do in terms of creating the performance. "

. Since that time, so that a large part of the conversation about the erosion of CGI "motion capture" and the animation was focused on a person in a digital skin Some filmmakers make a distinction, when the actor delivers a work that receives the paint job the CGI, – Andy Serkis so often does – as opposed to a person simply be a model for the animator's hands.

Jon Favreau, director of Lion King remake (which stars Donald Glover, James Earl Jones and Beyonce Knowles-Carter), naturally I went to the valley before its update jungle book, In 2016, Favreau remake of the classic Disney cartoon largely relied on CGI animation – animals and landscapes created in the computer – but the central figure Neel Sethi Mowgli live action gave viewers one tether to the real, it would seem, unpainted performance.

Now, however, with Favreau creating all animals Tableau, some viewers, it seems, UNMOORED lack of a human face in the classification of his kingdom.

Rob Legat, The Lion King«S VFX supervisor, who also worked on avatar, Told Hollywood Reporter, that he did not consider remaking "the animated film" because, like Favreau includes VR tools – such as the study of the cinematic angles from the point of view of different characters – in the "rules" of traditional live-action filmmaking. (He also noted that jungle book I felt "like a traditional live action film shot, although it was filmed entirely on Bluescreen stage» THR wrote last year.)

Meanwhile, on Cartoon Brew website disagree, wrote: "Do not let Disney Gaslight you: The Lion King Alteration of the animated film ".

In any case, with so many tools in the game may not be in the end will be no need to differentiate the difference between films that rely on CGI-painted performance and animation films that use the photo-realistic effects.

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