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Research shows bearded See meaner Than Clean Ones


Beard, no beard – is the question. Adding to the argument for the latter camp, the study showed that men who put on the expansion of hairy people look meaner than those with clean-shaven chin.

At least, those who feel his struggle to grow facial hair, there is another reason to add to the heap – along with the fact that there is a load of pee in them, and you run the risk of looking like a total Douchebag.

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The latest beard associated opening, the Australian research team looked into the thick chin effect on men when it comes to communicating their emotions and courage.

What they discovered that bearded men look meaner when they are angry and more fun when the paddles. In other words, facial hair highlights how a person feels at the time.

The results were achieved after scientists – led by Dr. Belinda Craig of the University of New England in Australia – asked 700 people to estimate the intensity of human emotions on a number of individuals, including those who were bearded and those who were not .

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Published in the journal Psychological Science, the report states that this is because the beard is changing the structure of the human personality.

Dr. Craig told The Times: ¬ębeard emphasize the jaw … which leads to more rapid recognition of anger."

Although it's not quite explain why those who were interviewed described the happy bearded men like to look more cheerful than their clean-shaven counterparts.

David Dada, honorary president of the British Beard Club, intervened to argue that due to the fact that the hairy man's face seems to be more "robust" and "trustworthy" for most people.

He said: "Many people [accept] that bearded seem kinder and more tractable, and possibly more reliable and trustworthy.

"This may be because a bearded man with a & # 39 is comfortable with himself."

The conclusions, of course, seem to support another recent study bearded men, in which men with facial hair have been found not only to be healthy, but also with the & # 39 are also younger.

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Dr. Adam Friedman, a dermatologist Harley Street, said: "Sun exposure to the & # 39 is the main cause of photoaging and skin damage, so it makes sense that if your face is covered with a heavy beard, he may well protect your skin from signs of aging.

"This means that fewer wrinkles and reducing age spots (liver spots) are usually found on the face."

Do not worry, though, because it seems a full head of hair will do the trick too. If you are bald in every sense of the word, it might be worth investing in some kind of factor 50 sunscreen, as the summer months approach – just to be on the safe side.

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