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Riders can turn into a zombie spiders by hacking their internal code


Riders can turn into a zombie spiders by hacking their internal code

Wasp spider ready to pounce. Researchers believe that it will use the hormone ecdysone to change the behavior of the spider so that it rotates a special kind of fabric. Credit: Marcelo O. Gonzaga

Riders lay their eggs on the spider's back. This command assumes that the route of administration to the host spider molting hormone ecdysone induces wasp spider make a special network for the wasp pupae.

Going amazing chain of events, riders can make a spider weave a special website, to suspend the wasp pupa just before finishing the murder of his master spider. William of Eberhard, Researcher, Distinguished Research Institute Smithsonian Tropical Marcel Gonzaga at the Federal University of de Uberlândia in Brazil, gathered extensive evidence that the "zombie" includes the breaking of existing mechanisms vebov-spinning hijacking own molting hormone spider ecdysone.

In a new article published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society they combined overview of all known reports of various kinds of wasps, known zombie different types of spiders all over the world; The results of molecular studies in Brazil; and new observations of Costa Rica, spiders, to show a little bit earlier invaluable models, which suggest that the use of wasp larvae ecdysone.

One puzzle researchers decide how one species of wasps can cause dramatic changes in a variety of networks, many different types of host spiders. In the most severe cases, the web spider construction impact on a number of different stages: from site selection to change a number of different structural elements of the key, which usually lead to a secure, stable homes for their pupae cocoon.

This feat with & # 39 is dramatic, as the wasp larva has no direct contact with the spider nervous system: it is an external parasite riding on the surface of the abdomen of the spider. His only other access to the brain through the spider yn & # 39; ektsyyu psychotropic substances in the hemolymph abdominal spider to then be carried via the circulatory system of the spider to the central nervous system.

Riders can turn into a zombie spiders by hacking their internal code

Now fully developed, the larva of the wasp goes to him with a & # 39; there are a host spider. Credit: Marcelo O. Gonzaga

"Some studies have shown that sometimes resemble wasps induced membrane webs that spiders build unparasitized only to moult," said Gonzaga. "We are on the & # 39; combined this observation from previous discovery that in one way, spiders, who had just built cocoons web had unusually high ecdysone concentration in their bodies, and predicted that the specificity of the effects of the wasp larvae may already be present in the science of the nervous system in the form of their specific behavioral responses to the hormone, which controls its own cycle of molting. breaking in this system, wasps ensure the safety of their own children at the expense of the owner. "

"Now that we have a proposed mechanism, we can define a new set of questions," says Eberhard. "Since the line in the web are an accurate record of their behavior, we could study the" zombie "in unprecedented detail, looking at the line in a cocoon and molts jumpers. We found that both veby different types, and more importantly, that only partially overlap variation.

Riders can turn into a zombie spiders by hacking their internal code

After eating spider, wasp, this is now in the pupal stage, and moult hanging cobwebs. Credit: Marcelo O. Gonzaga

"The larvae are likely to customize the behavior of the construction molting spider web to get more protection. The mechanisms by which these additional modifications, can be obtained from differences in the timing or quantity of ecdysone, or changes in the molecules themselves ecdysone, but they remain well documented, "continued Eberhard.

Recently discovered the wasp turns social spiders into zombies

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William G Eberhard and others Evidence that the group Polysphincta-wasps (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) Ecdysteroids used to control the behavior of their web-building spider web hosts, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (2019). DOI: 10,1093 / biolinnean / blz044

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Riders can turn into a zombie spider by hacking their internal code (2019, April 29)
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