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Robson Sharuko Senior Sports Editor
They eventually Soccer Gemini Africa, based in the same year in 1963, and one on the fly – powered by a strategic plan for five years, which will see investments in events at your stadium, courting more corporate partners and improving their supporters across the continent.

Another, unfortunately, remain trapped in the past, devastated vision less leadership thwarted from hell, and in their meetings, its founding fathers discussing oven and refrigerator as fixed assets for the club, magazine production and repeated calls on Member States to avoid the spread of rumors .

Introducing the dynamo and the Kampala Capital City Authority – Twins African football, so much in common between them, so that is a big difference in how their paths had been forming in recent years.

Both were founded in 1963 with two men who shared the name of Sam plays an instrumental role in the implementation – one of them was head of the drains in the City Council Kampala, another credit controller in a furniture store Harare.

They both late now, but the legacy they have left to live – one blooming football club in Uganda, which continues to grow from strength to strength, and the second attenuation giant in Harare, which is destroyed in the manual is still impressed in the Swinging Sixties.

While Sam Wahala, who as head of the drains in Kampala planned education KCCA, then known in Kampala City Council, can be at peace with himself in his grave today, the same thing can be said about the late Sam Dauya, brains behind base DeMbare.

KCCA only secured his 13th Ugandan prime minister's & # 39; erstva crown, their third in four years, while DeMbare fluctuate in the dark, without a league championship in the last five years, and their coach shows this week could hardly be win this season, too.

Last week, the glamor boys made their seventh coaching changes during the last four years, when they went Tonderai Ndiraya in another graphical representation of the turmoil at the club while in the same period, KCCA stuck with one coach, Mike Mutebi, who placed three titles in four seasons.

Thirty-five years ago, the two clubs have faced in the second round of the CAF Champions League, then known as the European Cup the club, and the first match in Kampala ended goalless before DeMbare roared home to the edge of the dense competition 2 -1 at Rufaro. KCCA will return in the next Champions League campaign after winning the championship again the Ugandan, but the dynamo will not be part of the show, for the fifth consecutive season as the Glamor Boys, who used to be regular participants of this show, is currently fighting relegation at home.

And just one look at the revolution in KCCA can tell you all that is wrong about what takes place in the Dynamos, or what remains of this skeleton that was previously Glamor Boys.

KCCA has a shop where their fans can even go online and buy the club's official caps, water bottles, mugs and home and away kits.

Ugandan champions even offer tickets to supporters, in accordance with a system that is used by many professional clubs across the world.

They have their own training ground, and they also have their own stadium, formerly known as Phillip Omondi stadium, in honor of the greatest players ever especially for Ugandan giants.

Stadium, located along the Jindi Road / Kampala Road, has a capacity of 10,000 and an artificial surface and are now branded with the naming rights, which saw him Startimes renamed stadium, and it developed further as part of the club's five-year strategic plan presented last year.

In the strategic plan, running until 2022, is aimed at empowering KCCA opportunities to take targeted actions in order to become "the" leading football African club, with all the anchor to create a strong brand, an excellent technical team, bringing in competent administrators, courtship more investors, raising a strong fan base, improving financial management, strengthening its presence in the CAF club competitions between and which has a strong junior structures. ' "

KCCA has a number of sponsors, like MTN, which with the & # 39 are their partner through the payment system MoMo, StarTimes, Primemedia network, Vivo Energy, Britam Insurance Company, to name but a few of its main backers.

Club with a & # 39 is a private company, which belongs to the administration of Kampala City Council and gets its finances through grants, sponsors and many other streams of income and current chairman, aggro Asaba, with & # 39 is a top businessman with interests in oil and gas, mining, real estate, education, health and music.

Let's now look at the dynamos of the provisions agreed at the annual meeting of the election Colleage February 25, 2007 at the offices of the glamor boys rented at 18 Buckingham Road in Eastlea, Harare.

At a meeting attended by the likes of Richard Chiminya, the late chairman of the board of directors, the late Freddie Mkwesha, George Shia, Jairos Banda, Nathan Maziti, Sunday Chidambva, Charles Gwatidzo, Simon Sachiti, Cremio Mapfumo, Richard Chihoro and Bernard Chidziva.

"" The Chairman went down memory lane picture a painful picture of how they struggled and fought to the club returned to them, ' "reads the official records of the Indaba.

"" Sponsors like Innscor, through brand Inn Savanna Baker and tobacco, were not too trusting in the early days and attach too many strings with their help (check the language where others see sponsorship, everything he sees in these old aid)

"" However, the outlook looks brighter now. Some of the club's assets, such as a refrigerator and stove have been restored and are now rented to new offices in Eastlea. The meeting expressed its appreciation Chiminya, Kashangura Chidzambwa and for providing the club offices.

"" Production of the magazine – Chairman will report on the matter after further research. Twinning – Mr. Chidzambwa watch on twinning with Valencia CF in Spain in conjunction with (Susan) Chivizhe, (Karikoga) Kaseke Zimbabwe Tourism and Hon. Minister Shamu and the report on the College meeting in connection with the 2010 bonanza in South Africa.

"" The meeting expressed the need for all Member States (a) to continue to focus on the business at hand, remain united and avoid rumors rumors. There being no other business the meeting ended at 15.20 hours from the closing prayers g-Chidzambwa. »»

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