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The MotoGP, Dovizioso: "I did not expect so quickly"


You never forget your first time, and on Sunday will get Dovizioso, to try it out when he lines up on the front row at the Termas de Rio HondaWithout a clear result as Ducati has never looked too comfortable around Argentine track. There were catwalks, but also trouble, and a lot of points thrown away, so that changes for the better, of course, a pleasant surprise. Especially for Andrea, who does not deny that he was surprised how the weekends.

"I am very, very happy with the way the first two days went. We have confirmed we have good speed, and to be honest, I did not expect that I know I'm fast, but not so, as Mark or maybe, Cal, but I'm not far off. SaturdThe aim of Ay was the front row, I reached him, but did not expect that his".

You thought that you could be more competitive than last year, though …
"This is true, but it depends on where you start (he laughs). "

Can you make any predictions for the race?
"I do not know what I can do, with the aim of & # 39 is the podium and during the race I'll see if I can fight for something more. The difference is that the CBO we have a card to play, we can say our piece. This does not mean that we can control the race, but we are in the front group".

Marquez is clearly a favorite?
"Mark was the fastest in every session, but I think that Crutchlow in good shape. I expect that some Var & # 39; yatstva in the race from him and MillerWe must be ready and get yourself in the right place".

What type of race it will be?
"Do not like the fact that Qatar, but I do not think Mark will try to escape on the first lap, I'm not worried about it. Conditions, of course, will be different, and it might rain, but even if it's dry can be moisture, and therefore we need to consider the fall of tire performance. We have to see whose hands these changes play".

Recently, Honda and Ducati have been at odds, has it affected your relationship with Marquez?
"On my part, change anything on it, I do not know, but it would be stupid if it had to happenAll that can happen between riders, though, we need to see ".

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