Monday , April 12 2021

[VIDEO] Jasleen Matharu sets the soaring temperature recreates Tip Tip Barsa Lady in the Bigg Boss house 12

Jasleen Matharu recreates Tip Tip Barsa PANI in Bigg Boss 12

Jasleen Matharu recreates Tip Tip Barsa PANI in Bigg Boss 12 & NBSP | & NbspPhoto Credit: & nbspInstagram

It will not be the first time that Jasleen Matharu has become a hot topic of conversation on the Internet. Singer Bigg Boss participant 12 recently restored Raveena Tandon in the Council Board Bars Pani in the house, and that is all that you would like to see today. Although her steps not exactly go with the vibrations of the song, she sings the song perfectly. It seems, Surbhi Sooner, Somi Khan and several other residents decided to take a dip in the pool, which was largely incentive enough for Jasleen, to start singing a song and playing with water.

Dipika Kakar and Megha Dhade sitting behind her, enjoying the song. Jasleen, seems to be the only person who has completely lost in the melody and the lyrics. Now we know you're expecting to see her a serenade in a yellow sari as well as Raveena Tandon made in the original song, but with a color rendering Jasleen & # 39 is enough to make you want to shake. Jasleen was nominated for eviction last week, but was evicted srsti Rhode instead. The singer is nominated this week, too. Jasleen in the news for the last time to set the house on fire after she got in the pool wearing a red bikini. [ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 12: A shirtless Rohit proposes to a bikini clad Jasleen inside the pool and things get naughty]

Check out these videos Jasleen singing Tip Tip Barsa Pani right here.

Although Jasleen entered the house as a partner Anapa Zhalota in Bhajan Samrat denied that in a relationship with her in that moment, he was evicted from the show. I wonder how far Jasleen will go on the show. Will it be one of the finalists? Stay tuned to find out!

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