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Your tendency to PUBG toxic? Here's what doctors warn


PUBG mania is quite real, and there is no doubt about the fact that children and adults of all ages glued to this game. The game is a virtual multiplayer, it has turned into something so exciting that people spend more than 7 hours a day glued to their mobile screen. If your gaming habits are questionable, and you're spending serious hours on the Internet, we have terrible news for you.

16-year-old boy, Furkan, lost his life after the game PUBG for six hours straight. According to doctors, the boy suffered a severe heart attack that proved fatal.

According to doctors who treated him, the boy suffered a sura & # 39; severe shock, as he continued to play in the game for a long stretch and develop the syndrome. Playing the game for so long and cruelly involved in an alternate reality, I gave him a rush of adrenaline that his heart can not stand. Doctors also urged people to stop a victim of this addiction, prevention of the victims.

Doctor general, "something & # 39; I FURKAN told us that he was a swimmer, his heart seemed to be healthy. The excitement of the game could cause a surge of adrenaline causes cardiac arrest. I encourage children to stay away from such games. After losing the game, the boy took a lot of stress that was too tough for his heart to stand. He complained of a headache and fell directly on the bed, collapsing. something & # 39; I also said that there was a time a boy played the game for 18 hours straight! Is not that terrible? "

This shocking news comes after a lot of schools and states have banned the game entirely, calling it "unhealthy" and "addictive." After that, the game creators have introduced the concept of "health memo", blocking users from playing the game after a while.

Are you addicted to PUBG?

What makes PUBG very problematic from & # 39 is the nature of its exciting storyline. Symbols rebuild his life and get back to playing. Thus, you can play on a large plot and there is no end to this! WHO has also recently called gambling disorders as real.

Thus, it is time to pay attention to your game clock. According to Dr. Soumiya Mudgal, consultant psychiatrist, Max Hospital, it is very important to separate the virtual world from the real world. Adding to it, she says: "For a drug, it can be difficult to separate. It is very important that you do not allow any gaming environment to interfere with your personal life. It affects your decision-making skills. While your gaming habits can not stand to sleep and other commitments, it is safe for you. "

Dr. Shaunak Ajinkya, Consultant Psychiatrist Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital adds, "gambling is characterized by excessive dependence on games or virtual reality interfaces that violate your privacy. He is persistent need to use your mobile phone / games can often lead to anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, sleep and sexual disorders. People can lose all sense of time, while absorbed in their phone / game affects daily activities, like going to work, performance and relationship management successfully. you can feel the emotions as traction in the absence of the game, angry outbursts, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, decreased interest in work / school, sleep disorders as well. it is very important that you identify the trigger and check once. there are also some self-help tools, you can follow in order to follow a healthy lifestyle. "

– periods Set, which you should not use your phone (for example, 9 pm to 9 am)

– Specify the activity, which is prohibited by the phone (for example, driving a car, at dinner)

– relaxation techniques, such as mindfulness can help you cope with cravings.

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