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Zim EFF statement on the elections in South Africa


It is with enthusiasm that we express our support for the fighters of economic freedom in the next general election in South Africa. We, as fighters of Zimbabwe economic freedom to support and share the vision of the EFF, to bring hope and inspiration for the people of South Africa, the continent and beyond. The struggle for economic freedom and economic emancipation for all black people on the continent and beyond. We believe that the EFF dedicated to changing economic and social life of the people of South Africa. It is 25 years since South Africa achieved political independence, the tragic political freedom can not be translated into visible economic emancipation for the majority of South Africa, particularly black South Africans. The majority of South Africans, mostly black people are disadvantaged economically with huge tracks of land still in the hands of those who got benefited through «baasskap» system defects.

South African people had ample opportunity in recent weeks to listen and ask questions of the politicians about their vision and plans for the future of the country. We believe that the EFF has shown great care and understanding of the problems faced with the poor, the dispossessed and killed the people of South Africa. Too many black South Africans, landless and unemployed. Economic deprivation among black South Africans has become a source of shame and humiliation on the continent and beyond. Despite the fact that most African countries have similar Moreso problems in our own country, Zimbabwe. We, as Zim EFF, without fear, stand shoulder to shoulder with the EFF is calling for the expropriation of land without compensation in South Africa. It is impossible to imagine, to see how those who took advantage of the system that allowed for the dominance of black people by white people, a system that has legalized the theft of natural resources of the Black people and their natural advantages – it would be a shame and humiliation a high of to compensate or pay to get back what was stolen from our people. If this happens, it will be the greatest betrayal of all those who died fighting for the liberation of the Black and economic freedom in South Africa.

South Africa is at a crossroads, the country is on the cusp of history. The South African people have a clear choice in this election. They can choose more than one and the same represented by the ANC underachievers, nolstagic basskaap years with DA or progressive, transformative and radical EFF. Choice could not be clearer. It is to the people of South Africa to exercise their democratic right to vote for the political party of their choice on May 8th. We, as Zim EFF fully endorse the EFF for their dreams, people-driven policies that are explicitly designed to address issues of social justice, economic justice, improving education, health care, the fight against corruption, the expropriation of land without compensation, to create new jobs , inclusive of the drive for the benefit of many, to preserve the dignity of black people in South Africa, who for many years suffered shame and humiliation.

Zim EFF, here and now calls compatriots zimbabviyskoma origin, entitled to vote in South Africa in the upcoming elections to vote for the EFF. EFF for: black empowerment, economic emancipation of black people dignity for all black people on the continent and beyond, conducting regional economic integration in order to weaken the economic trade within the African continent, the refusal of xenophobia and promoting the peaceful coexistence of all people, who live in South Africa and the EFF will fight for Africa boarderless and the single currency in the medium and long term, so we highly recommend you to vote for the EFF is an investment in Pavdno vai Africa and the continent as a whole. EFF well in the section with a fearless, visionary, hardworking, dedicated and inspiring leadership, under the able command of the commander in chief Julius Malema.

Zim EFF appreciates and welcomes the EFF for peace, enthusiasm and people-Driven election campaign! We would also like to thank the other political parties for the exercise of tolerance divergence of views in the course of this election campaign. We hope that this will translate into the post-election period. We would also like to thank the people of South Africa, who have shown and continue to show great interest in this election campaign, and who were patient with each other.

Zim EFF Commander Innocent Ndibali will attend the EFF Tshela Thupa rally on May 5 – provide support and solidarity on behalf of EFF Zim EFF.

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